3 Cardio Exercises That Target Your Glutes

Cardio exercises that target your glutes, glute development -

3 Cardio Exercises That Target Your Glutes

Working your glutes, aside from giving you a toned butt also trains your lower body. Most of your movements are carried out by this part of the body and involve continual muscle workout. Adding specific cardio exercises will compliment your strength training, target your glutes and will give you a healthy muscle building balance and a stronger lower body.


While cardio improves your heart-rate it burns calories i.e. the effort you put into you glute workouts, however, certain exercises can help you fully engage your glute muscles and work towards a tighter glute area. To make the process easier for you we have listed 3 cardio exercises that target your glutes and help towards building a better lower body.


These exercises can be done either in the gym using specific machines or the outdoors as we understand that a lot of gyms have still not opened up due to the COVID-19 situation.


1- Stairmaster or Stair Climbing

StairMaster specifically engages your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. It is at a fast enough pace that it helps your burn fat while helping in glute development. it is a low-impact body workout that allows for compound exercises where you’re allowed to be creative and add variations.


Increase the speed of the machine, add kickbacks, or skip a few steps. Squeeze your glutes each step to activate the muscle. The added resistance StairMaster provides can make a huge difference to your glue workouts.


Much like the StairMaster you are likely to do the same exercise using regular stairs. Stairs allow for more variation as you can control your body more and increase the speed, add different compound variations to make the workout interesting.


The push and pull motion forces your body front and backward which challenge your glutes. The plus point to this is you don’t need a gym membership to have access to them. You can find a vacant spot or stadium to do this exercise.


2- Cycling

Cycling is one of the most ideal workouts that target fat burning and lower body muscle development. you’re going to work up a sweat with cycling. You have the option to workout inside a gym with a stationary bike or ride a bike outside.


Of course, when you’re doing targeted cardio you need to focus on your technique much is the same with cycling. Get your glutes engaged by leading the paddle with your heel when you push down on them.


If your bike allows for pulling your legs up take full advantage of that and work your muscles on your way up as well when pushing the paddle down. Try going up a hill to increase your resistance or lift your butt off the seat and slow peddle with just your legs and no upper body force or movement.


Cycling much like any other targeted cardio also gives toned muscles so if you keep this up regularly you will surely see your legs gain lean muscle and beautifully shaped muscle cuts.


3- Hill Running or Incline Walk

Try working your glutes over time by adding hill running to your strength training workouts. Right after stationary workouts incorporate hill running as a cardio exercise to finish off a successful glute development workout.

You will burn fat and engage your glutes while doing so. Running is one of the most effective exercises for burning fat and targeted running can do tenfold for your lower body strength training exercises.

The incline provided by the hill will propel you forward and onward pushing onto your glute muscles.

If you prefer gym workouts or simply do not have a hill or incline surface use your treadmill to select an incline preference and start walking, slowly increase the speed and switch to running.

Try to do kickbacks, forward and backward lunges while on a treadmill to add more variation to your walking and running.

Things to Consider

Focus on your glute workout but make sure you’re not sport training, it is ineffective. Adding variations to your workout will help in building glute muscles. Combine cardio with glute building exercises and a healthy diet that compliments all of these workouts. But make sure whatever cardio you add to your fitness routine it should be targeted and something that you enjoy so you can look forward to them and workout consistently.