5 Step Checklist Before Getting into Suppliments

5 Step Checklist Before Getting into Suppliments

Step 1: Evaluate Your Diet, Training, Health, and Lifestyle

Before you even think about looking into supplements, make sure:

  • You haven't been sedentary
  • You train regularly and mastered the basics of programming like progressive overload and undulating intensity
  • You have a healthy diet, geared towards your fitness goals
  • You don't have a pre-existing medical condition

They're called supplements for a reason... They are meant to supplement a combination of proper training and a well balanced diet.

Step 2: Set Realistic, But Proactive Major And Weekly Goals

Any supplement worth taking, including the basics like protein and a multivitamin, should only be taken as an addition to realistic, progressive training and a well-planned nutrition program.

Setting realistic short term and long term goals can be a major key to your overall success when trying to reach your fitness goals. First, ask yourself what it is you're trying to accomplish. Are you trying to lose 10lbs? Trying to get stronger or work on your agility to improve in a certain sport? Or do you simply just want to look good aesthetically and live a healthy lifestyle? These goals will help you decide what you should eat, how you should train, and what supplements will help benefit you in the long term.

If you think any supplement will allow you to completely slack in the gym or allow you to have a horrible diet without consequences, then you’re setting yourself up to be very disappointed.

Step 3: Eat Smart, Train Smart

You don't have to hire a world-class trainer. Just  dont have such an unrealistic goal set that its completely achievable! For example, if you're trying to add an inch to your biceps and chase a triple-bodyweight deadlift while eating in a 900-calorie caloric deficit and are getting black-out drunk three days a week… no supplement will help you reach that goal.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Eat lots of protein and veggies
  • Don't let bad habits dominate
  • Train consistently and progressively

Step 4: Stress Management and Adequate Rest are Essential

No supplement out there will do as much for your overall health and athletic performance as getting adequate rest, keeping mental stress at healthy levels, and limiting your exposure to toxic people and environments that make it harder, if not impossible, to achieve your fitness goals. There are many different ways to help manage your stress levels, some of which include:

  • yoga
  • stretching on a regular basis
  • optimal rest
  • meditation
  • listen to soothing music

Step 5: Your Overall Perspective Matters

Stay committed, positive, and know that getting in your best shape isn't going to be a breeze. Everything worth earning is earned through hard work and consistency. Immediate results can disappear as quickly as they got there.

As we said before, suppliments aren't magic, they aren't going to suddenly transform your body and make you the most shredded, biggest, strongest person in the gym. They are meant to be used as an aid to help enhance the hard work you're already putting in!