Full-Body Workout Routine

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Full-Body Workout Routine

A Full-Body Workout with Resistance Bands

Workout using resistance bands


Resistance bands can be a great way to increase your strength, muscle mass, and mobility. They’re easy to carry and accessible for an equipment free full-body workout.

When asked, people usually think band workouts are targeted exercises on glutes, legs, or a quick booty exercise instead of a full-body workout with resistance bands. However, these bands are versatile and add variation to your exercises if used correctly.

We have planned out a simple full-body workout with resistance bands to get the most out of your bands.

Upper Body


For these workouts, you’ll need a medium resistance figure 8 band.

Each workout can range from 40 seconds to a minute, depending on your body capacity.


Bicep Curl

- Put your feet on the figure 8 resistance band. Hold each handle, extend your arms facing forward.

- Slowly curl your hands towards the shoulders and squeeze your biceps. Be sure to keep your body tight.


Shoulder Press

- Step on the figure 8 band and grip the handles at your shoulder length

- Bend your arms to a 90 degrees angle with the palm facing forward

- Then press the arms straight up and come back.



- Step on the band with both your feet and bend your knees as you lean forward.

- Stay in this position

- Extend your arms towards your feet as your hands grip the handle

- Squeeze your shoulder blades as you bring your arms to reach the bottom of your chest.


Overhead Tricep Extension

- Loop your resistance band around a pillar.

- Stand holding both handles of the band over your head, and your arms extended upwards.

- Extend your elbows then straighten your arms above your head. Squeeze your triceps.

- Keep the motion slow and controlled when extending your arms or bending your elbows back.


Lower Body

You can train your lower body with resistance bands to work every small, often ignored, muscle as well as bigger muscles. The mini resistance bands set are best suited for lower body workouts. You can choose the level of resistance according to your body.

Each workout can range from 40 seconds to a minute, depending on your body capacity. Remember to keep your form in check.


Lateral Band Walk

- Bring your mini resistance bands above your knees

- Bend your knees forward and bring your upper body forward.

- Keep this stance and walk from the center to your right and then to your left and back to the center.


Side-Lying Hip Abduction

- Lie down on your left side, knees bent.

- Put the resistance band above your knee and open your right leg up.

- Contract your glutes and return to the resting position and repeat.

- Do the same for your other side.



- Pull the mini bands up to your thighs, above the knee.

- Open your legs shoulder-width apart

- Straighten your back, push your hips back.

- Squat down as you keep your back and chest straight.

- Come back up and repeat.

- Keep your core tight as it strengthens your core as well!


This is a basic full-body workout routine using resistance bands that are bound to leave your muscles sore the next morning. Remember to keep your form in check. The whole routine requires only 2 types of resistance bands that are easy to find and carry with you at any possible location. So what’s stopping you?