Glute Development: How to Build Stronger and Bigger Glutes

Build stronger and bigger glutes, glute bands, good quality resistance bands -

Glute Development: How to Build Stronger and Bigger Glutes


How to get bigger and stronger glutes

When one works out, they are assuming the exercises they do or the effort being put in is going to get them the results they desire. Sometimes our sincere efforts can yield little results because there is something we are probably doing wrong. 

Gluteus Maximus is a major muscle we target for glute development. To build stronger and bigger glutes there is more than one factor at play. Here is a small list of lifestyle changes you ought to be aware of when you’re starting glute development.


Go on A Click Bait Cleanse 


When you’re looking into a workout regimen, you’re bound to come across blogs and articles that will talk about yielding fast results. Usually, these clickbait blogs can confuse and mislead you.

Some truths that not to be contested are,


Choose the Right Exercise


Overly complex exercises can be hard to understand and even harder to execute without falling or ruining your coordination. Just because an exercise is simple does not mean it hasn’t been effective.

Most complex exercises boil down to being versions of simple exercises. Some to include in your routine should be

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Hip trusts

Instead of complicating an exercise, it is better to focus on the burning sensation that you feel when a muscle is being worked. Increased reps help with that, add good quality resistance bands to this, specifically glute bands for concentrated efforts to build bigger and stronger glutes.


Nutrition is Just as Important


Your workout is most effective when you’re watching what you eat. As it is said, exercise is 20% of your journey to becoming strong and building muscle. If you want to build muscle, you have to place yourself in a calorie surplus for a prolonged period of time.

This just means consuming more calories per day than the usual body consumption. Post-training session is the optimal time to consume calories for recovery.


Consider Supplements


There is a lot of information regarding how good or bad supplements can be. Simply put, over-reliance on supplements is not recommended. However, they do, as they are called, supplement our diet.

it can be difficult for people to reach their calorie requirement when in a calorie surplus. Supplements like protein powder, creatine powder and BCAA (branched-chain Amino Acid) are the supporting supplements that will help you:

  • Reach your daily calorie requirement.
  • Produce maximum energy during workouts.
  • Speed-up your muscle recovery


Final verdict


There is no one surefire way to build stronger and bigger glute muscles. Rather, it is a process that requires consistency, patience, and practicing these principles. It’s understandable to be overwhelmed with information you find online, but try to keep what you want in perspective, and don’t depend on just one thing to help you reach your goals. Think of working on your muscles as a lifestyle change.