Importance of Activating Your Glutes

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Importance of Activating Your Glutes

Activating your glutes is like a wakeup call for your muscles to stretch. You’ve probably heard trainers in the gym or even through your screen talking about activating your glutes before a leg workout or an intense glute workout that incorporates weights.


Well activated glutes can affect your posture, your exercise form and reduce your chances of injury. Exercises rely on muscle activation, if your glutes are inactive it is likely that your workouts will become less effective and increase chances of injuries due to muscle shock.


What Are Your Glutes?

To start with the basics, glute muscles are made up of three major muscles. The gluteus Maximus (this is the largest muscle in that area), gluteus Medius and gluteus Minimus. These muscles are referred to, in laymen terms, as your butt, booty, behind or just plain glutes but essentially mean the same three muscles.

These muscles work with your core muscles to support the spine and improve or maintain your posture.


Why Is Glute Activation Important?

Of course, glute activation means that you will eventually develop a well sculpted and toned butt. This is of course important if you’re looking to reach this goal and should be encouraged to do so.

But other than the obvious aesthetic benefits, your glutes need to be activated during workouts for strengthening purposes. Glute muscles can majorly impact your overall body strength. They can help support a range of exercises and compound workouts that you might have otherwise not been able to do.



Whether you are walking or running your glutes are working, the gluteus medius is responsible for providing coordination with your height and stability to the right side of pelvis if you place your left foot down.

If glutes are not strong your right pelvis is in danger of dipping, this causes strain on your lumbar spine, joints and intervertebral discs. Eventually this can be a cause of lower back pain. The same would be applicable for your other side.


Better Posture

 More often than not we spend our day sitting. This can be bad for your back and has said to lead to muscle degeneration. When you activate your glute muscles your spine receives more support and helps your pelvis stabilize.

It also works your core muscles which, combined with well-developed glutes and stable pelvis, helps in improving your overall posture.


Reduced Chances of Injury

The gluteal muscles, once activated, can help prevent injuries like ACL tears to lower back, hamstring and quad strains. Not only that, but if you activate your glutes it is going to help maximize your athletic ability during which your posture, form and strains can be prevented or improved with glute activation workouts.

This will also improve your speed, acceleration and strength as your glutes develop.


Inactive glutes simply mean that you have been sitting throughout the day, either out of choice or because you have to. Even the most active people have to spend a portion of their day like this. This makes your glutes go in a resting mode that makes them less prepared for strenuous exercises.

Thus, when you start working out it puts a strain on your other muscles, which is why it heeds better for us to understand the importance of activating your glutes.