Our Favorite Glute Exercises of 2020

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Our Favorite Glute Exercises of 2020

We are into the 5th month into the pandemic, and gyms are still experimenting with smart gym programs, while some have been shut since the start of this pandemic. 

This means all gym freaks, casual gym-goers or those who were just about to start have been confined in their homes. 

If you’re a glute exercise junkie, you probably haven’t been able to use gym equipment, especially added weights for your glute exercises as of now because they are far too expensive outside of the gym. 

Here, we have compiled our favorite glute exercises of 2020 that are budget-friendly and are sure to burn and define your glutes.


Hip Thrusts

This is one of the most popular glute exercises that are also an all-time favorite. When they are done correctly, hip thrusts can build your glutes, activate the hip muscles, and give definition.

Grab the edge of a sofa, a chair, or the edge of your bed to give you support and thrust your pelvis upwards, squeezing your glutes as you go up for maximum effect. You don’t necessarily have to use a barbell for this exercise any heavy object you can keep on your pelvis will work.


Choose a weight that challenges you but doesn’t ruin your form during the workout. Try to mentally feel the pressure in your glutes. For best glute engagement place your heels directly under your knees when your legs are fully extended. If the feet are too far or too close you might end up working the hamstring instead of glutes.


We recommend using resistance bands to engage your quads. Place the band on your knee and push them outward for better engagement throughout the workout.


Side-Lying Hip Abduction

This exercise is great for glute activation as it helps develop your gluteus Medius. Lie down on your side with your knees bent 90 degrees. Your knees and feet should feel like they are stacked. Place a hand on your glutes and push the heel as you rotate your hip open while raising your knee till it points to the roof.


This movement should look like you’re opening your legs like a clamshell. To make it more effective add a low resistance band to this exercise. If you are doing this right your will feel your glutes burning by the end of it.


Remember to keep your spine neutral i.e. your back and neck should be straight and aligned so they do not feel a strain while you’re working out. This is a good simple exercise to wake up your glutes before you move on to more glute focused exercises.



Kickbacks are great to develop glutes. This is an isolation exercise that can be done anywhere at all. You can add variation to this exercise by incorporating weights, bands, or cables.

The beauty of kickbacks is you can choose the type that most suits you and engages your glutes. They range from donkey kicks, straight leg donkey kicks with half circles, or using resistance bands for the donkey kicks.


Play around with your foot placement to see what works best for you and experiment with kickbacks to see which engages your glutes the most. Try to keep your core tight and activated when performing kickbacks, as it helps to keep your back less strained to avoid any injury to your lower back. Make sure to keep your back straight and spine neutral.


The most important exercise we have yet to mention is the connection you need to feel with your mind and muscle. This will help you be conscious of every muscle you are working so you remember to tighten, breathe, and squeeze at the right time. These are some of our favorite exercises of 2020 that will not require a gym.


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