Resist The Conventional ‘Image’: Practice Body Positivity

be kind to your body, practice body positivity -

Resist The Conventional ‘Image’: Practice Body Positivity

There comes a point in your daily routine, with your workouts, your healthy eating habits, and your conscious consumption of calories where you become stumped because you don’t see the results you desired.


You’ve been careful with your intake, but it isn’t showing. Everything can seem meaningless or useless. Advertisements too, portray a certain body type that needs to be achieved and we hold ourselves to that standard, exhausting ourselves and becoming unhappy. 

We find ourselves in a negative space where things can seem impossible, and we become the harshest critics of our bodies.

While working out, finding a balanced diet are key factors to having a healthy lifestyle the reasoning behind why you are doing what you are doing matters tenfold. The following are ways you can practice body positivity and understand why it is important to be kind to your body. 


Understanding How Much The World Focuses On Bodies 


Scroll through Instagram, browse through Facebook and Snapchat everywhere you’ll find a significant number of ads and influencers promoting fit-teas or a certain diet to get you to lose a concerning amount of weight.

That is not how it works. Your body needs to consume a certain number of calories every day and the maximum calorie deficit allowed for a healthy body under regulation is 500. All of these diets give you results, but they don’t last very long. Most of the time the weight you have lost is water weight.

Certain body types are desired and almost 99% of the population does not have that body type, it is an ideal that is unreachable because it doesn’t exist. Most of what we see on Instagram is how people have angled their bodies or used photoshop.

So try to understand the ideal you are aiming for doesn’t exist and the world we live in forces us to ponder upon unrealistic expectations.


Body Positivity is Not Health Related 


How you feel about your body does not come from how healthy you are. You do not need to defend how healthy you are or what you ate. The underlying idea is that a healthier or thinner woman might be more worthy of love and praise.


All bodies deserve love. There needs to be kindness in your conduct with your body for being able to perform the functions it does daily.


When you exercise or follow a clean eating regimen don’t think about the goal even before starting your activity. Enjoying the process is important, that’s where lies the most growth mentally and physically.


While working out try to focus on how strong your body has gotten because chances are the exercise you couldn’t do a few days ago has become easier to balance or you’ve increased your reps. You’ll feel physically strong and acknowledge that the strength you are gaining will improve your thought process.



More than anything, when you feel dejected by your body or how you look, it is going to require a conscious effort from your side to practice body positivity. Choose to acknowledge at least one thing you like about yourself every day.


Begin to cleanse your social media and follow people who promote body positivity. Enjoy the process of a good workout and the time it took to make meal plans for yourself. But most importantly, be kind to yourself.