Resistance Bands for At-Home Workouts

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Resistance Bands for At-Home Workouts

The best way to optimize your time at home is to invest in economical and accessible workout gear. Here are some resistance bands for at-home workouts that target your whole body.

Top 5 Resistance Bands for At-Home Workouts


 With gyms closing down and everyone stuck at home working out sometimes requires twice the effort and creativity. While you can’t bring the gym to your home resistance bands training can really improve your strength, flexibility give muscle definition and a toned body.

You can use resistance bands for a full body workout

They are cost-effective and versatile, targeting specific body parts according to the band you use. 


1-    Loop Bands for Power Resistance 


These are thick and flat heavy-duty resistance bands made for bodyweight resistance. These bands are better for full-body workouts that specifically include shoulder press, bicep extensions, squats, pull-ups, and push-ups.

While they are effective for bodyweight training, adding extra weight can increase the overall resistance the body had to work with, which increases bodily strength.  


2-    Mini Resistance Bands


You will usually find these in a fitness band set. They come in different sizes according to the resistance level of each band but are of a thinner rubber material. For a more comfortable experience, you can choose a fabric exercise band that is less likely to slip off or roll-up.

These bands are a must-have for at-home workouts and great for glute activation. They are specific to train the lower body, great for some weighted squats, hip thrusts, and hip extensions. 


3-    Figure 8 Bands


Like their name, figure 8 bands are shaped like the number 8 with two plastic handles attached to each end. These bands are shorter, tighter, and have a higher resistance than mini bands.

 Figure 8 bands tend to target the upper body and are one of the best resistance bands for an at-home workout. They act as a great alternative to chest press machines, back exercises, and lateral movements. However, they can be used for quad lifts that move into leg extensions.


4-    Large Loop Bands


These bands are large, going up to 42-45 inches long. They have the same material as that of the mini bands, thin, flat rubber. If some of you are looking to learn to do a mean pull up and that too at home, it is time to start the practice. 

Pull-ups perhaps is one of the hardest exercises to master. The large loop band can act as a stepping stone towards a good pull up. All you need is a loop band and an at-home pull-up bar, try to be consistent with it and you will get it. 


5-    Therapy Bands


Therapy bands are popular for those who want to recover from an injury and have been prescribed by their physical therapists. But someone like you or me who might not have necessarily undergone any accident can find it super beneficial as well.

They are the same thin material as the mini bands but aren’t a loop. They are extremely popular for ab workouts to build muscle with increased resistance. You can prop it anywhere and create a small ab workout station. Thus quite popular for its convenience.


Resistance bands offer a full-body workout and expand your creativity when it comes to at-home workouts. They are cheap, accessible, easy to use and one of the most effective tools for a strong and toned body. Don’t waste your time wondering when the pandemic will end